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Ok well

2009-02-18 07:53:38 by chiphimjo

I guess it's time for me to do something on newgrounds, so ya, I guess if anything since I dont know how to do flash animations or make music, I will have to be a voice actor for someone, of course the problem there is getting people to actually see this so ya >.<.......I'm screwed......but if you want me for a voice actor, give me a scrips or even part of it and tell me what to read I'll record myself and send you the audio so ya


2009-02-16 21:02:02 by chiphimjo

I guess I will use this as my ranting place, and I guess this one will be first about the Warner Brothers records copyright shit. I'm sick of how stupid it is, I mean people post videos on youtube using songs that were produced by WBR and they get so pissy about it, sure you want people to buy your CDs and stuff, but I mean, you want advertise your music right? and whats the best type of advertisement? hmmmmm? FREE! and that's exactly what Youtube is, I mean really. ITS STUPID! Now watch this and be EDUMECATED!

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